About Faraaz Ahmed

About me!

I’m Faraaz Ahmed, a Graphic and Web designer with a college degree from John Abbott College. My journey is straightforward. In high school, I realized my passion for technology and computers. I’ve always had a love for drawing, starting with crayons on my house walls, sketching superheroes like Spider-man. Despite my parents’ expectations for me to pursue a career in fields like medicine, engineering, or law, I followed my heart and applied for the Graphic and Web Design program at John Abbott College.


A month later, I received the wonderful news of my acceptance. Since then, it has been an incredible learning experience. I’ve had the privilege of mastering various software through Adobe Creative Cloud. Over these three years, I’ve discovered my design style through engaging projects. If I had to describe my designs in three words, they’d be: Clean, bold, and fun. I enjoy working with vibrant colors while keeping things simple with a touch of uniqueness. I aim for people to look at my work and exclaim, “Wow, that’s sleek!” Bringing joy to people through my work brings me happiness, and it’s my way of bringing smiles to their faces.