Coffee Shop Advertisement

Coffee Shop Advertisement

Advert 1 mockup

Medium: Adobe Illustrator – Adobe Dimensions

Process and Intention:

Cafe Magique is a brand that I created for my Design Studio class. I set my goal to create a coffee shop in which you sell all types of coffee in a bag as shown in the image and advertise it.

I started by researching how coffee shops usually market themselves and how they operate in the marketing scene. Following that, I also researched the packaging of coffee bags.

After that was complete, I implemented my logos and other design assets that were done in Illustrator and added them to my 3Dmodel of the coffee bag. I used Adobe Dimensions to create the coffee bag look.

For the design of the bag, I wanted it to look clean and elegant compared to many other ones that I believe to be too clustered. I wanted the information to be legible.

faced challenges rendering the coffee bag as it took time and sometimes wouldn’t come out as clean as the pre-rendered look. It took me a few tries but eventually, I succeeded