“Crafting My Path: From Summer Design Experience to a Future with Lockheed Martin and Concordia University” 

After refining all my previous projects and putting my three years’ worth of design experience to use, I want to be hired in a part-time designer job. I want to spend that summer in a way that I gain experience in my field to diversify and amp up my portfolio. In the start, it does not bother me if I work for a small company, I just want to learn new things and meet people in this industry.  In the next year, I am hoping that I do well in my internship that I will be in. I have a few companies in mind for where I’d like to my internship. Companies such as: Sid Lee, Gildan, Intact and many more. I plan to join Concordia University in the Computation Arts Program. I plan to keep living where I am now as I do not live far from Concordia. I also enjoy my parents’ company, so I do not plan to leave them. According to the Concordia website, “Computation arts is a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree that takes at least three or four years (90–120) of full–time study. Computation Arts is a digital media program training the next generation of highly skilled and motivated digital artists. This program features extensive interaction between students and professors, with a studio-based approach to instruction. We work toward an artistic practice that is technically innovative, and aesthetically engaging. Their teaching and practice focus on an awareness of the cultural and political implications of a society that is all technology all the time. The Computation Arts program emphasizes technically strong creative production in four key areas of concentration: 

  • Games and playful media
  • Networks and the web
  • Electronics and tangible media
  • Interaction design


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